Taking 3D Photos With Dual Camera – How to Make Your Pictures Look 3 dimensional

In this tutorial you will learn how to spruce up your presentations visually by making 3D images (also called from bounds images). 3D graphics are a boon to designers because it gives the end product a much more realistic effect than just flat drawings. These kind of graphics will allow you to get a lot more detail into what ever presentation that you are trying to make. This tutorial will give you 3D animation effect for your slides.

In order to obtain the best results out of your 3D picture, you will need to apply a few tricks to the actual photography process. The first trick that you will need to remember is that you need to fix the camera settings so that everything is captured in the middle of a perfect circle. You will then need to open a new file and place all the photos on it. Also try adjusting the perspective slightly different than the original so that you get a slightly different angle to each photo. It should be noted that this may cause some slight loss of clarity, but it is worth it as well.

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The next step in this 3D pictures tutorial is to open a new document in Microsoft PowerPoint. Then select the picture that you have just copied or taken with your digital camera or your recorder. On the General tab, go to the desk if necessary and also choose the dimensions you want to copy.

Now go ahead and place your mouse over the picture and click on the Properties. The window that will pop up will show the dimensions, the width, height, the full screen and also the rotation of the 3d images. If you want to change the rotation of the images, just right click on them and select rotate 3d pictures. If you want to change the position of the objects in your 3d pictures, just move your mouse cursor to the desired location and then click on the rotate option.

This is how you can make a 3d picture using a software application like Adobe Photoshop. You do not need any complicated materials or equipments. All you need is a simple two images of your choice to place on the desired spot. If you are using dual camera one on one of the cameras, you can simply place the second image onto the other camera. It is possible for you to align the object in the middle of the frame by pressing the align option on your keyboard.

These are the simple ways on how to take 3d photos using two cameras. If you have the money to spend, you can buy equipments like SLR camera lenses, filters and other accessories. If you only have a single digital camera or a personal digital camera which you take more than five images at a time for your business or personal use, there is absolutely no need to spend even a single cent on it. The best way to take 3d photos is to simply set up a basic tripod, some steady hands and a free hand to pose your subjects for the best results.

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